Hi-Speed Motorsports is a proud partner of Honda Performance Development, offering one of their factory racecars as part of our

lineup. This car is are available to rent for SRO, SCCA, NASA, and AER.

Honda Racing/HPD Honda Civic Si TCA

This Honda Racing/HPD Civic Si TCA was built for SRO Touring Car America’s (formerly known as Pirelli World Challenge) entry level class: TCA. This factory racecar starts its life as a body-in-white Civic Si Coupe. Honda Performance Development (HPD) then equips it with 6-piston Wilwood brakes, Bilstein suspension, and a full SRO roll cage. The transmission has had an HPD upgraded fourth gear added for durability, the ABS system is engineered for racing in mind, and a MOTEC digital dash keep. The power plant is the same 1.5-liter turbocharged engine found in production Sis, only this motor can be tuned from 165 to 245 horsepower depending on the class. Weighing in at only 2450 pounds, this car is a much more energized version of the road car.

This TCA Civic Si can run in SRO TC America’s TCA class, AER, SCCA’s Touring 3 or Super Touring Under (STU), and NASA’s Honda Challenge 2 (H2) and Super Touring 5 (ST5).