Hugh Stewart

Hugh is the owner of Hi-Speed Motorsports which he founded in 1994. He attributes his success at Hi-Speed to his history in racing Speed World Challenge (now TC in SRO). He was a driver in a factory supported Dodge SRT Neon for several years. With a vast wealth of knowledge in car builds, setup, and racing, it is no wonder Hugh has achieved great success with customers and his own racing.

Hugh Stewart competes in the SCCA Majors and Hoosier Super Tour in his #23 BMW M3. In 2017 he claimed the Southeast division championship. In 2018 he claimed the Northeast and Southeast championships. And in 2019 he claimed the Northeast championship along with a podium at the 2019 SCCA Runoffs at Virginia International Raceway. Hugh was the 2020 NE Conference Champion and the 2020 Hoosier Super Tour Champion. He went on to claim the 2021 SCCA Championship. 

Other wins include being a three time German Touring Series 3 champion with NASA. Hugh won the NASA National Championship race in 2015 at VIR. Hugh has run a winning team with American Endurance Racing in a SpecE46 winning 50% of their entered races. He built and supported a front running E46 M3 for AER races. Hugh has wins in US Touring Car Championship and competes in Grassroots Motorsports Ultimate Track Car Challenge. Hugh is an instructor for Skip Barber Racing School’s 3 Day Race School, 2 Day Advanced School, and Hagerty Driving Academy. 

Christina Lam

Christina competes in her Hi-Speed Motorsports built E46 M3 in the SCCA Majors and NASA. She is frequently on the podium accruing 14 podium finishes so far in her racing career.  Christina has also competed in endurance racing series including American Endurance Racing and PBOC, earning four wins and five podium results across ten races. She instructs for Skip Barber Racing School in their 3 Day Racing School, 2 Day Advanced School, and Hagerty Driving Academy.


Luiz Serva

Luiz is well known for his Hi-Speed built widebody E46 M3 that has dominated the GTS3 class in NASA. When he shows up for a race, the rest of the field is fighting to finish second. He holds several track records in GTS3 at Lime Rock Park, Palmer Motorsports Park, and New Jersey Motorsports Park.

Luiz currently holds the track record at Watkins Glen and Lime Rock Park in GTS3. He is the NASA NE GTS3 Champion of 2021. 

In addition to his racing, Luiz is a recording and mixing engineer at Studio19 which he owns and operates.

Vasil Vykhopen 

Vasil competes in NASA’s German Touring Series 3 (GTS3) in his #31 Hi-Speed E46 M3. He finished third in the 2019 GTS3 championship with NASA Northeast. Vasil also competes in BMW CCA in CMOD. He has earned a series of podiums at some of his favorite tracks, New Jersey Motorsports Park and Palmer Motorsports Park. 

Vasil competed in GTS3 in 2021 achieving a number of podiums and finishing 2nd in the 2021 GTS3 championship. 


Brian Goodman

Brian Goodman races his E36 M3 in German Touring Series 2 (GTS2) with NASA NE. He earned his competition license in 2019 with NASA NE and scored his first win as a rookie at Palmer Motorsports Park in August. Brian is often leading the pack in GTS2 with his wins in the #428 E36 M3. 

Brian also is a High Performance Driving Instructor with NASA and BMWCCA. 

Brian Jacon

Brian started tracking vehicles in 2012 and progressed through the NASA Northeast HPDE program.  With the growing itch to compete wheel-to-wheel, he completed NASA’s Competition School in 2020 and started racing in the GTS2 class.  Brian was able to drive his Hi-Speed Motorsports E36 M3 to second place overall in GTS2 for the 2021 season.

Griffin Gamcsik

Griffin competes in his Hi-Speed built E36 M3 in ST5. He started the 2021 season with competition school in NASA NE. Griff piloted the Hi-Speed HPD TCA Civic Si his first weekend of racing. He designed and applied his own livery to his car based on a Forza design he created in the video game. 

Mike Natali

Mike built his E36 M3 with Hi-Speed Motorsports over the course of several seasons.  Mike Natali competes in his E36 M3 with NASA NE in ST5 and TT5. He won the TT5 championship in 2020 and is a repeat champion in TT5 in 2021. He has several wins and podiums across the 2021 season.  


Sean McElgun

Sean McElgun built his E36 M3 racecar with Hi-Speed Motorsports. Sean competes in GTS2 with NASA NE and finished fourth in the GTS2 championship.