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Hi-Speed Motorsports is located in Milford, CT. We are a performance shop that does everything from your routine maintenance, to car repair, to full race builds. We have over 25 years of experience in the motorsports industry and can help you with just about anything you may need for your car. 

After building over 20+ race cars in the past few years to compete in SCCA, NASA, World Challenge and so on, safety, craftsmanwork, and quality must not be compromised.

We do everything:
-Full Suspension Upgrades & Tuning
-Full Engine Builds & Repair
-Full Roll Cage Installation (Certified to NASA, FIA, SCCA-Specs)
-Big Brake Upgrade Packages
-Forced Induction Upgrades (Turbo/Supercharging)
-Wheel & Tire Upgrades
-General Maintenance