Racer Interview: Brian Goodman #438 E36 M3 GTS2

Brian came to us with a mint condition bone stock E36 M3. He began to take this car to HPDE and slowly modified it. We helped him pursue his dreams of racing by transforming it into the car it is today. Give his interview a watch to learn more about him and his car!

SCCA Majors Roebling Road Raceway

Join us for the Roebling Road Raceway SCCA Majors recap video. Hugh Stewart won both days and Christina Lam took P2. Solid weekend for the team after battling some overheating and sound issues.

Crashed Car Roll Cage Analysis

Ever wonder about how a Hi-Speed cage holds up in a major impact? We take a look at one of our racecars that got put in a wall and talk about how a cage can disperse energy away from the driver. The aftermath of this crash teaches us about the importance of a cage...

DIY: AKG Motorsport E46 M3 Subframe Reinforcements

We use the thickest subframe reinforcements on the market by AKG Motorsport to repair the subframe of this E46 M3. Take a look at what could happen to a floor if you use an inferior subframe reinforcement kit.